Ask about our recommendation? Surely the Espressa series that made up of premium quality Arabica Coffee Bean.

When the bitterness of Almond meet coffee, is it doubling the aroma?

Espressa coffee with extra scent of soft, dense and chewy caramel.

Surprise combination of coffee with this brown coloured woody spice which is extremely aromatic.

Get ready to be surprised by the amazing coconut texture in our soothing coffee aroma.

Green tea sweetness with Roasted Coffee beans, Incredible!

A taste brought out of its shell; Hazelnuts with Coffee Espressa

Completely dissolved brown sugar in Coffee Espressa, the perfect Irish Espressa.

The odour featuring notes of melted cake frosting, certainly taste even better in mouth.

Not of strong taste but certainly thumbs up for its texture.

A great sense of freshness in well mixed with mouthful of coffee. Refreshing and delighting!

Stretching the refreshing scent of limon and scent in coffee.

Coffee aroma with a sense of orange sweetness and savoury.