We are coffee lovers who longing to spread the essence of coffee drinking art to more people. We see it as an art and as a science in the same time; it is an art for us where we enjoy the specific drinking experience; we see it as science too as we believe that we can make coffees that can satisfy different needs from different people.

With our strong passion in coffee, our dedication to coffee have been to the extend that we only settle for the best. This is also the strong reason why we are so confident that we are totally capable at giving you the best Coffee Solution.

Our confidence supported by our maxim of ECC:


We promised to engage closely with our customers’ needs and the latest trend. We have to be frank, to be engaged closely with all these information and updates is not an easy task. However, we are proud to have accomplished the missions every time thanks to our dedicated and innovative Research and Development (R&D) team.

Knowing what the customers need is not the key, the only key to unlock their hearts is knowing what they want and thus PROVIDE them what they longing for. The journey to consistent and persistent R&D is not an easy road, however, we decided to keep everything on track because this is our ultimate goal of supplying quality and satisfying coffee drinks to our customers.


You may have a question, why would we put in this much of effort in keeping the coffee quality? The one and only answer is that, it is all for our customers. We think that this is our responsibility to ensure the satisfaction of customers towards our drinks.

While coffee quality is not the only elements that we present to our customers. Instead, we present an intimate and faithful relationship between customers and us. In fact, they are more like our close friends than just ordinary customers to us. Their satisfied expressions while having our drinks could be the best reward for us.


As mentioned, we emphasized in our persistent R&D activities to make sure our drinks are comply with the latest trend. Here, what’s even more difficult is not getting a new taste, but to maintain the quality of existing products. This is also the thing that we are paying attention to.

Stringent control towards the quality is essential, this is also the thing that we’ve been doing all along. Only by taking tight control at our products, we can gain confident from our customers to keep believing in us. To keep in love with our drinks. They say coffee drinking is a habit, once you have it, you will keep it with you for life. While for us, coffee is our responsibility, especially presenting you the best that we have.

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